Are We Reactive or Proactive?

i am a incredible fan of thrillers and homicide mysteries – simply love the ‘whodunits’ when forever the best guys win ultimately. It does not appear to rely how overwhelmed up they get, true constantly prevails.

It abruptly struck me that during maximum, if now not all, of those situations – the bad guys are proactive and the good guys are reactive.

I got to considering how this related to normal existence and how we run our businesses and our lives.


i used to be delivered up in an technology whilst matters were lots less difficult – food were cooked from scratch and organic wasn’t an alternative – vegetables have been simply vegetables and they have been selected basically based on flavor alternatives.

Now we’ve whole movements of human beings spending their time and electricity demonstrating towards GMOs, cruel agricultural practices etc – to get us returned to a time while we didn’t ought to surprise if our meals turned into compromising our health or no longer. In some parts of the sector sparkling fruit and vegetables aren’t an alternative – simplest chemically weighted down processed meals is to be had, together with sugary beverages. although natural fruit and greens are to be had, the fee is frequently prohibitive for the poorer members of society. Junk meals and fruit and greens handled with pesticides is their handiest possible option, with the health demanding situations that include it.


We had paraffin heaters and fireplaces in which timber and coal were burnt. there has been no valuable heating, fewer automobiles and gadgets like ovens, fridges and washing machines had been constructed to last for decades. cellular gadgets and computer systems were not even dreamed of – I keep in mind there has been a smartphone inside the corridor and conversations being quick.

Now we’ve entire moves of human beings spending their time and power looking to store the planet that’s underneath chance due to deforestation, fracking, chemtrails, ocean pollutants – not to say the capacity extinction of animal species, approaches of existence and entire populations who live greater primitive existence. that is to feed our want for bigger and better ‘things’ – frequently fueled with the aid of choice and no longer necessity.

It turned into simplest 30 years ago when i used to be brought to my first laptop at work. due to the fact then it is like the global has long gone mad – development has came about so fast that the planet itself can’t maintain up and is being systematically destroyed.


when i used to be a infant, if we had chook pox, measles or a horrific bloodless we might visit the physician, accept some medicine and saved in bed until we have been higher. sometimes there could be events held so that the neighbourhood kids ought to seize some thing it was that turned into going spherical, to get it over and achieved with. We had some vaccinations in opposition to illnesses like polio and that i used to get jabs for cholera, TB and typhoid because I used to journey to countries where they have been important.

Now we’ve complete actions of humans spending their time and strength difficult the pharmaceutical and chemical companies and asking them questions regarding ‘income over health’.

in recent times babies are being born and right now subjected to a cocktail of chemical compounds being injected into them. I saw something the alternative day which stated that giving a vaccination to a newborn was equivalent of giving a 180lb adult 30 vaccinations in sooner or later. The disturbing element is that there are fantastically extra ill children with severe and life changing ailments now than in my adolescence. There also are many more sick adults with illnesses that, to my knowledge, have been in no way heard of when i was a toddler. So where is the progress?

My thoughts

i’m never in opposition to progress – it’s miles important for us to maintain developing as a human race. however, when progress is tinged with greed and shortage of compassion, is it truely development? isn’t it greater like regression with prettier toys? I think that during many methods, apart from fabric ones, the world has regressed pretty alarmingly.

It appears to me that many organisations were conceived broadly speaking to save the planet – would those businesses were birthed, or even idea of, forty years in the past? so much electricity is being expended seeking to undo the damage that has been performed, that progression is being bogged down – we’re in a world in which it is one step forward,  steps back.

This situation makes me consider a reactive and pissed off mom constantly following a proactive and spoilt baby that is leaving destruction in its wake. I accept as true with that it’s far high time that mom became proactive and grounded the kid until it learned to have extra recognize for others – time for the naughty step!!

Is your business reactive or proactive? I would really like to hear your angle.

Sue is the founding father of Soulfully Connecting. The idea behind Soulfully Connecting is to demonstrate that there are different ways of living which could heal the earth, the animal nation and ourselves. She is captivated with humans having freedom of desire, that’s only possible when they understand about all of the alternatives.

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